Playing a little Scout this morning.

Yes, they were a short-lived band from NYC, but fantastic! I wouldn't have found them if I hadn't met the singer for the band, Ashen Keilyn in NYC in my early tour managing days. Great soundtrack for the morning.

The days are getting hotter here in Tiny Town. Fired up my swanky new swamp cooler yesterday and thanked my lucky stars I got that done when I did. I thanked my pal Ben too.

There is a bunch of coffee that will be waiting for me to get bagged today at the shop. I know an early start will make a big difference today. And I think I may just continue my Scout Fest at OBR.

Everything is snail's pace still, but I can see progress.

But there are still piles of things in boxes all over this place. So this snail better get crackin'.



Whoo !

Big old fancy dinner at Cafe Roka last night! I had one of the Edible Baja staffers down here and we needed to get her a delicious dinner at the only 4-star dining establishment in the county.

But the meal was huge, and since I walked down to meet my friend at the restaurant, that meant walking back with half a rack of lamb in a box uphill to get home. I gotta say, I do like being a little closer into town. I need to walk more nd tonight, rack in hand... I trudged uphill and made it home in 12 minutes. That is so doable. It needs to be done way more often.  The lamb and the walk.

Here's to walking home with leftovers all the time!


When you feel like you aren't doing it fast enough...

Snail's pace on my transition from one place to another.

That's how it feels anyhow.  Truth is I am making progress and it's all the right things in the right direction for me. It's just not happening at anything but this super slow pace. I guess need to make peace with that. With plenty on my plate, I need reminders of important things to do.

Like this:

I had to pony up a wad of cash for my pal Ben for the swamp cooler install. He worked hard, did a good job and I love him dearly. No matter how traumatic it was for me to watch a hole get cut on the side of the house, and no matter how much work I still have to do for this cooler thing to tidy it up and weatherproof it etc... it's ready to use just in time for the hot weather this weekend.

I am basically doing one project a week on house stuff. It's not enough but it's what I am doing.

My new mantra:
I am a snail in this process. And I will embrace my snail nature and get my snail on with the best of them.


So worth it!

Oh man...

I'm a bit pooped. But lemme just say, the turn and burn to The Baked Pueblo to celebrate Mothers Day with my one and only Mother Unit was totally worth it!

I BBQ'd the best rib eyes, I made the Brussels Sprouts, I did the half baked potato (there was no sour cream...) and there was coconut ice cream for dessert! All I need is for her to look up and tell me she is enjoying it. And that totally happened.

Worth the nearly 4 hours of driving, and everything else that needed to happen to make it a go. I gotta grab a bite for dinner then I need to clean up around here. The swamp cooler job goes to a third day... poor Ben. But I'll have cooling eventually. There is construction dust all over the bedroom and Sunday is laundry day in these parts.Time to pop out the contacts from my tired eyes and get crackin'!

Damn good day...

Swampy McSwamperson.

Good Lord!

I am NOT a religious woman as you know. But I was hopin' like hell that this was a good idea as the massive hole was cut in the side of the house...

My pal Ben undertaking the task even though he really didn't want to because this is a pricey job and he doesn't like to charge me his rates. But the humor and fun will help take the sting out of it.

The trauma and the humor were abundant. Especially at the moment when Ben had the Sawzall cutting the square and he looks over and says," Is this in the right place?"


This also showed me that yet again, I am in a house with no insulation.

Oh, Bisbee...

This project really was way more involved than just shoving a swampy in a window. I wish I'd had a window to shove that in, but it wasn't an option. But I am a swamp girl and a/c is waaay too dry and super expensive to run and it's overkill for the Bisbee climate mostly. This was the right choice, but shit!

Took all day to get it to this point. Going from 10:00 - 5:30.

It's not done.

Pic was taken last night

the next morning

Being a bit of a bug-o-phobe, the blue tape was my attempt at curbing any attempts at a migration into the house. I also did a big old pest-be-gone spray with my bug spray. I live in a damn buggy town and I cannot make peace with that. Some of the critters are downright nasty. Mostly I worry about scorpions. I am just about the only person in town that hasn't been stung. In fact, just Friday I saw my Frenchie Bulldog pal, Pig and he had just come from the vet from getting stung in his adorable face by a scorpion!

Screw that!

Ben has probably a full day here today without me (and then maybe tomorrow as well...) as I am off to cook The Mother Unit a rib eye for Mother Unit Day! I took a moment the other day to thank her for sticking around for another one of these. I hope that doesn't seem like the wrong thing to say. I truly am grateful for my time with her. All of it.

And today I will celebrate that the way Cancerians do... with food.

Happy Mothers Day!


Cuppa Jolene and a little Log Lady.

I am watching Twin Peaks from the beginning. About 7 episodes in, Agent Cooper and his local law folk meet with the Log Lady. One of the best kooky characters on tv ever.

They meet over tea and cookies.

No tea happening here. Just coffee. I put Twin Peaks on instead of music because I was really enjoying it last night after putting a shelving  unit together that will eventually hold some records. I have many projects and promised myself a solid 36 hours of productivity between after work today and Sunday morning.

Having been de-poodled yesterday I also vacuumed and moved things back to where they were pre-poodle. I did find one dog toy under the bed. Which of course made me smile. Those poodles were fun and sweet. I will inch towards dog ownership eventually. So not ready right now, but I see the benefit. A big part of that was seeing The Mother Unit light up when she got some poodle time.

You know... I watched Twin Peaks with a group of friends in my early sobriety. We called it Family Dinner Night. My pal Cathryn would cook and it was always fun and delicious. It was short lived like the series. But it was a magical time showing me what was possible in the realm of  community without alcohol. Kinda sweet to have all of that in my head and heart while watching this fabulously odd show.

I hope the new Showtime reboot is just as odd.



I am still poodling.

This has been fun, and they are a nice distraction. If there needs to be a distraction, a couple of fuzzy, silly ones re just the ticket.

I think I have them through Friday. Not exactly sure. Not really worried about it. There are meetings and Costco runs in the early part of the day for me, then The Mother Unit has a dental appointment after her dialysis. A long day for her. Funny thing, we discovered that one of the side effects from one of the medications she is on is weakness. This was never mentioned. But at least we kinda know now.

She powers through like a champ most day, and I was really happy to bring the poodles up so she could get a little extra time with them. They will go this morning too.

I have Edible Baja business today and am hoping to go by a couple of markets that need to carry OBR coffee. I want more for Old Bisbee Roasters.

I always seem to aspire to shove whatever/whoever I am working for into doing the next thing to improve business. It's probably not the best plan of action for staying employed as I often end up getting disappointed when folks don't move forward. Then I burn out and leave. I like this job a bunch. I'm tempering my approach to building our wholesale biz. Oy. I never stop thinking about doing more.


Big. Heavy. Difficult. Done.

When you have a penchant for sets of lockers, life can get rather complicated. Especially when moving. I had one last set of lockers that needed to get schlepped over.

I have put it off because IT IS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO MOVE GIANT SETS OF LOCKERS! Yup. There I said it.

But now they are here. And they are not fucking moving again.

A big part of my storage puzzle just came together with this heavy, awkward thing getting into the house. I am gonna grab a bite of lunch with some friends, then I am going to try to pull this house together a bit.

And, I am poodle-sitting till about Thursday so the pitter patter of fuzzy little feet has been fun but schedule altering and I really have not been as productive as I'd like. But.. whatever!

Lockers are in.

Poodles are here.

And someone is making my lunch.

Good day.


A little pinch here and there.

Only one cup in.


I love my job.

The time in The Baked Pueblo went well, and even though we have no definitive answers on why The Mother Unit has a tummy that is bothering her, they did say it wasn't anything glaringly serious like stomach cancer. She is gonna probiotic it up and we shall see how she feels as we go along. She had more energy on Wednesday and that felt good. Not sure if she pushed herself for me or her, but it doesn't matter. She ditched the wheelchair that day and that's good for now.

This weekend is basically house putting together time. With a dinner at Thom and Jackie's to go over my poodle-sit that starts on Tuesday. Not one but two poodles in my care for 10 days. This will be interesting as I haven't dog-sat in a gazillion years. I do adore these dogs so it should be fine. Poodles! Should make for cute pics on the blog.

There should have been an outing for me last night to go hear a pal DJ at the local gastropub, but I scrapped it since my neck is super sore. I am gonna need to seek out a new chiropractor. Hate the thought of that, but it's gonna have to happen.

And this blog update is brought to you by CenturyLink.
Who did, in fact, install internet to my new house after saying they didn't service this address when I tried to move the service. Now that it's actually installed, I will call them on Monday and try to get them to make right the extra expenses and higher cost per month for lesser service. And even though it was a week-long process to deal with this, it's up and running now and I can send an email and do a wee blog update now. Dunno if it will be enough service to stream, but I'll find out soon enough.



Internet and time to use it!

I do miss having the internet in Bisbee. I may or may not be getting re-hooked up tomorrow. We shall see. If I do get re-hooked up, then CenturyLink has some explaining to do after initially telling me they did not provide service to my new address. Because I called the new customer hotline and got real customer service and even though it's gonna cost a small fortune (again) at least it's not the $50.00 per mo Cable One service that everyone complains about.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

Today has me accompanying The Mother Unit to a doctor appointment to see what is going on with her gut. She continues to have no appetite and she is now using a wheelchair for all outings. My hope is that we get her gut figured out and get her some physical therapy to get her stronger so she is not going backward with her strength and ultimately her overall attitude.

She worries it's her heart.

She's probably right.

We have a good team around us. We will walk through all this care home stuff one day at a time. With the help of The Starfishies and some medical MJ, and a Xanax here and there to keep her anxiety at bay.

I am gonna treat myself to some Candace at Frank's this morning. I need to see my friend and watch her do her thing as one of the legendary breakfast waitresses in The Baked Pueblo. When I am stressed or anxious around my mom and her health stuff, Candace is the perfect person to get fed comfort food by, get a hug from, get entertained by watching her give shit to customers, and overall her just plain "Candace-ness".

Off to breakfast.



Well hell.

I had to do something. Something drastic.  Some good ol' upheaval. Truth is I have been so busy and focused on everything but doing some key things for myself that I had to actually go join up at the local gym so I could address how unfit I am.


I now have to be accountable for showing up to the gym 4 days a week. It had to be done. Not unloading trucks or hauling gear has left me weak and fat. Well at least I can take steps to change that. I'll make some ipod mixes. And give up my Taco Tuesday hang with my bestie. Shit.


Early in

Weird day at work yesterday with the guy who roasts not getting to work till almost 11 am. I started the day with next to zero coffee and basically did evwrything I could then left and knew I'd need to go in auper early to make up rhe differwnce.

It's coming up on 7 am and I'm gonna be out the door in a few. Gonna walk to work, and go kick some ass in there. One more cup to go.


Oh look! Internet!

I have not had the internet since decamping from the wee beach house.

I have my phone, but that's just for basics. So being up in The Baked Pueblo has the real deal.

It feels like things are moving forward at a snail's pace, and the list of to-dos gets longer and longer. I may have someone who wants a place to crash in Bisbee for 3-4 weeks and I might consider trading if he is up for some fixing/painting kind of stuff. I need help. I just hate asking for it. I also need a few longer weekends so I can focus and get things done.

Staying in the new house has been a good journey so far. I am bonding with the morning light orientation and starting to make peace with the shady side of the canyon.

The late night painting was a little chaotic.

And then there was that 11 pm hasty exit from my old house due to a barking/wailing/howling dog directly across the street.

But I knew I was going to move the giant bed frame on Saturday so it was only a day early.

Then I got my pal Laura to come do some energy work in the house...

And then the next morning after the bed was built and the energy bettered, I sat there and took in the light of the morning.

Not sure of the paneling project is really gonna happen... but I do still want texture and contrast on a wall here and there.

But really, it's moving forward. It just feels slow.