30 years is a long time.

These last few weeks have been a little (ok totally..) chaotic with The Mother Unit flopping in and out and now back in the hospital. The emotional part is pretty major, the time needed in Tucson is not to be downplayed, and the overall intensity is pretty big.


I still made it to 30 years clean and sober today. I worked a long day, cooked dinner for my friends who are spending a few days here over Pirate Weekend, and we just decompressed with a movie. Darn good to laugh a bit and just let some folks support me and be easy.

I made it to 30 years sober in spite of myself... I doubt I was ever really planning on not using substances for this amount of time. But truly taking it one day at a time made all the difference.

These days that kind of simplicity is serving me pretty well as I reel in my panic and fear sometimes on an hourly basis.

There is a lot of good in this world still and I'm glad I am around to see it. Being a bit of a Pollyanna is maybe not such a bad thing when all you really want is to brighten the day up for those around you.


Just when you least expect it.

The Mother Unit is having a bit of a tough time.

While she has been in and out of the hospital enough to qualify for a buy 5 get one free punch card, her flopping back in on Friday with yet another batch of problems is frustrating for her. She's tired and worn out.

There is only love and support for her at every turn from me and everyone else. She could certainly do with a little bit of luck to get better and have an easier time of it. I am going to be light and funny and try to keep her laughing. That'll be some of the best medicine. Couple that with some medical marijuana edibles and I hope she will find a little respite from all the stress and worries.

Just rolled back into Tiny Town and am doing laundry for the week. Chores don't stop unfortunately. I'll be back up there sooner than later. And she needs rest not visitors. Sending out all the love and good ess I got for her. So much love.



Little chances to take time with friends throughout the days.. that's what makes for a good day.

From connecting with a pal who is struggling emotionally to dinner with my pal Rod in Mexico, the day was special as I got a little more regrouped from last week's sting supporting The Mother Unit in the hospital. Of course then I neglected to call her to see how her day went.


But getting home after 8:30 made it too late to check in so I'll do that call this morning. My missing handyman has resurfaced somewhat and I am just glad he's ok. He's a delicate, talented, smart man. I will be getting together with him this afternoon to settle up my bill with him for what he
has done so far and certainly hope he will consider more in the future when I get caught up from the much larger project than I had budgeted for.

I have a small cushion in the bank, but of course a water heater has failed and an alternator belt on my car is on the horizon so it's important to be careful. Well, if nothing else it's an adventure.

I'm traversing this path somewhat quietly these days.

No hoopla.. just looking forward to do each next right thing.


It's not easy.

As The Mother Unit is getting all the care she needs in the hospital, I returned to Bisbee to finish out the work week to restore the calm to my workplace. It wasn't chaos without me, but they would really like me to be there for scheduled shifts. And we are pretty busy. We got 5 tons of green coffee beans delivered and the shop is very floor to ceiling with the goods.

I am hoping she makes the progress needed to get released in the next couple of days. She hates the hospital almost as much as I do. All I can do in this moment is stay present with her from wherever I am.

When I got. Ack to Bisbee yesterday morning it was very humid and almost Florida moist but the rains have done wonders for the green things at the house. The grape vines are going bonkers and the trees really did need more water than I was giving them. There is construction debris all over and my dude has kinda disappeared and so I am left to get this all wrapped up on my own I guess for now. I can do a dump run after work today and try to make the yard less of  a hazard.

Is a trip back up to The Baked Pueblo in the cards for the weekend?


I just want The Mother Unit outta the hospital.

I was supposed to be flying to Seattle today to meet up with K.K. to go see Lady Gaga but my time off was kinda spent. Bummer for sure. But I love my mom and I needed to be there.

CLl your family and tell them you love them.. time is fleeting.


When I'm old.

I want to work up to this for my golden years.

In the 520.


It's what's for dinner.

The Mother Unit was admitted to the hospital so of course hauled up to The Baked Pueblo. I got up there and she was pretty out of it. I asked if she was sedated, and they went through the chart and told me she was given some morphine earlier.

Hence the totally zonked mother.

But she was getting some good rest and I'm sure it was needed. For someone who doesn/t sleep well, she can use any help getting her body and mind all the relaxation she can get.

Good for me to be there though... medication questions came up that I could help answer, and I brought some things she'd need over the next day or so. There are i.v. antibiotics happening and hopefully nothing major wrong. Fortunate to have someone covering for me at work this a.m. so I can be here with her.

Hoisting a cup of coffee to her speedy recovery.



After a night of barking dogs and rain, I was awakened by my phone ringing at 5:12am to get the news the The Mother Unit went to the e.r. at around 4am. I know she's felt pretty lousy since her e.r.  visit last week. This is never easy.. being a hundred miles away is close enought get there, but not always easy to drop everything to get up there.

Hoping to hear sooner than later. After 12, I can go up there to help her if needed. Hope she is discharged with better instructions and some meds vs. getting admitted. But I don't get a say in any of that.

I just want her happy and safe.

This ain't easy.


Mom is my Co-Pilot.


The Mother Unit and I had a helluva road trip downtown yesterday just as the monsoon decimated the roadways around the UofA.

Holy shit!

I had to go drop off some coffee to Crooked Tooth Brewing so they could consider using our coffee in a brew. It was a harrowing trip to get there. But nothing compared to trying to get away from downtown with flooded underpasses and streets that had white water flowing denying passage.

Did I forge through the white water anyhow? With my sweet 83-year-old mother in the car? Did I attempt this after watching several people consider it and u-turn away from these road rapids?

You know the answer...


We plowed through and sped off and away back to the northeast side. I won't say it was easy or super smart. But I did it and it wasn't as bad as it was prior to our parking and doing the ol' wait-and-see.

And the early morning drive home yielded this:

Home in time to put out the trash, and making more coffee because... it's coffee!

Start the day with a good attitude is the mantra.


52 and a day.


52 has come and gone.

Calls from friends across the country.. texts at 4:58 a.m.. and a few actual hugs while up in Tucson.

A watermelon Eegee was had.

Lunch with The Mother Unit was delicious!

And I got a nice big gift... (actually two but this one was physically large!)

Vintage pinball playfield repurposed into a big nightlight for me by my pals at D&D Pinball!


Takeaway from the day was that it is ll about quality human connection and love. Stuff is just stuff.. even cool stuff. But people make it real and truly delicious.

Had brekkie this day after 52 with The Mother Unit this a.m... and while the mediterranean food for lunch yesterday did a number on her gut, she bounced right back today.

The sad truth is, she can't eat rich/spicy food like that without consequence. So I confiscated her leftovers.

I can't say I'm not looking forward to more chicken shawerma.

Rain is in the forecast. A little more pinball is on deck in a few... then later tonight Game of Thrones with The Mother Unit. Good times for sure.

I am a lucky gal.


Super Secret.

One of the most amazing things about working at OBR is getting to drink any coffee I want. Including the stuff that's not advertised for sale yet.

Welcome to my coffee world, Ethiopian deliciousness!

Rare. Rich. And wonderful!

The construction project is stalled.. but that's a long story. The real story is that the coffee is so good, I don't even have the energy to be cranky about all of the delays and shoddy construction that all of the old Bisbee houses are put together with. I may be in for long delays while I save up to he able to finish the project. I know it will be better all around when done. That's what matters.

I got an offer to be flown to see Lady Gaga with free hotel and car rental by my pal KK. Sounds like she purchased something frivolous on a whim. I just may have to say yes just because it's so absurd an offer.

KK !!!

I turn 52 tomorrow.
My day is gonna be all about hanging with my mom. It's gonna rain. Like it always does on my birthday. I will have a watermelon Eegee, and I will play pinball after I leave from my time with The Mother Unit. These are only these little moments to grab as much goodness as I can...

Taco run with a few pals tonight for a pre- bday gathering since I'll be elsewhere all weekend. Because it's also Game of Thrones season premier on Sunday. I have good stuff on deck.. amidst a shitstorm of things that are going haywire.. focusing on the positives!

Grateful and caffeinated this overcast morning.






Where there is water, there is a need for watertight. This house is not that.

As feared and predicted... water poured in under the door yesterday during the rain. A very undisclosed problem with this house, that I totally saw coming. But it's worse than I could have imagined.

The door is getting moved.
End of sentence. I'll have to owe the dude more money than I have to throw at this since we burned a day yesterday getting not much done. Although, he did get a new overflow for my cooler which enabled the non-working float to actually do its job. Is that worth a 150.00 handyman day? Not really. But that's what I got.

Trial and error.

Time for coffee and some music to get my head in a better space. The fact that it's gonna rain like a motherfucker today doesn't help.


It's a beautiful thing.



It's been a bit of a tsunami of activity this week. Very little downtime. Lots of driving. And somewhere in there, a holiday on a Tuesday with out of town guests.

Today feel almost normal.

But I am meeting with the contractor to discuss a rather major shift to the house. Moving the front door to get the water in the house issue dealt with. It's gonna be a good solution but it's not gonna be cheap or totally easy. It will however, make for better feng shui and strangely it's the affordable option.

Seems like every paycheck has some house project making sure I don't get to hang on to any money. By coller weather time I hope to be done with all of this house stuff so I can just live here. Then there is the other place that is almost empty and ready for a little paint so it can get a new resident. Such a slow process.


Well, it's gonna be fine. Eventually.


Rain is brewing.

Monsoon season is upon us.

The skies are dark, the temperature has dropped. Not dumping rain yet but it could at any minute.

Or not really at all.

The day has been spent inside anyhow. Unpacking things and seeing where things will fit here if they getto
Stay. The house went from fairly uncluttered to WTF in just 2 days. I brought two truckloads of stuff over and now I have my work cut out for me. Ugh. And I just wanna grab some dinner and not do this. But I can't ignore it. I have friends coming to town tomorrow.


Nothing says get your shit together like having company.

Ok back to the tedious grind