Mom is my Co-Pilot.


The Mother Unit and I had a helluva road trip downtown yesterday just as the monsoon decimated the roadways around the UofA.

Holy shit!

I had to go drop off some coffee to Crooked Tooth Brewing so they could consider using our coffee in a brew. It was a harrowing trip to get there. But nothing compared to trying to get away from downtown with flooded underpasses and streets that had white water flowing denying passage.

Did I forge through the white water anyhow? With my sweet 83-year-old mother in the car? Did I attempt this after watching several people consider it and u-turn away from these road rapids?

You know the answer...


We plowed through and sped off and away back to the northeast side. I won't say it was easy or super smart. But I did it and it wasn't as bad as it was prior to our parking and doing the ol' wait-and-see.

And the early morning drive home yielded this:

Home in time to put out the trash, and making more coffee because... it's coffee!

Start the day with a good attitude is the mantra.


52 and a day.


52 has come and gone.

Calls from friends across the country.. texts at 4:58 a.m.. and a few actual hugs while up in Tucson.

A watermelon Eegee was had.

Lunch with The Mother Unit was delicious!

And I got a nice big gift... (actually two but this one was physically large!)

Vintage pinball playfield repurposed into a big nightlight for me by my pals at D&D Pinball!


Takeaway from the day was that it is ll about quality human connection and love. Stuff is just stuff.. even cool stuff. But people make it real and truly delicious.

Had brekkie this day after 52 with The Mother Unit this a.m... and while the mediterranean food for lunch yesterday did a number on her gut, she bounced right back today.

The sad truth is, she can't eat rich/spicy food like that without consequence. So I confiscated her leftovers.

I can't say I'm not looking forward to more chicken shawerma.

Rain is in the forecast. A little more pinball is on deck in a few... then later tonight Game of Thrones with The Mother Unit. Good times for sure.

I am a lucky gal.


Super Secret.

One of the most amazing things about working at OBR is getting to drink any coffee I want. Including the stuff that's not advertised for sale yet.

Welcome to my coffee world, Ethiopian deliciousness!

Rare. Rich. And wonderful!

The construction project is stalled.. but that's a long story. The real story is that the coffee is so good, I don't even have the energy to be cranky about all of the delays and shoddy construction that all of the old Bisbee houses are put together with. I may be in for long delays while I save up to he able to finish the project. I know it will be better all around when done. That's what matters.

I got an offer to be flown to see Lady Gaga with free hotel and car rental by my pal KK. Sounds like she purchased something frivolous on a whim. I just may have to say yes just because it's so absurd an offer.

KK !!!

I turn 52 tomorrow.
My day is gonna be all about hanging with my mom. It's gonna rain. Like it always does on my birthday. I will have a watermelon Eegee, and I will play pinball after I leave from my time with The Mother Unit. These are only these little moments to grab as much goodness as I can...

Taco run with a few pals tonight for a pre- bday gathering since I'll be elsewhere all weekend. Because it's also Game of Thrones season premier on Sunday. I have good stuff on deck.. amidst a shitstorm of things that are going haywire.. focusing on the positives!

Grateful and caffeinated this overcast morning.






Where there is water, there is a need for watertight. This house is not that.

As feared and predicted... water poured in under the door yesterday during the rain. A very undisclosed problem with this house, that I totally saw coming. But it's worse than I could have imagined.

The door is getting moved.
End of sentence. I'll have to owe the dude more money than I have to throw at this since we burned a day yesterday getting not much done. Although, he did get a new overflow for my cooler which enabled the non-working float to actually do its job. Is that worth a 150.00 handyman day? Not really. But that's what I got.

Trial and error.

Time for coffee and some music to get my head in a better space. The fact that it's gonna rain like a motherfucker today doesn't help.


It's a beautiful thing.



It's been a bit of a tsunami of activity this week. Very little downtime. Lots of driving. And somewhere in there, a holiday on a Tuesday with out of town guests.

Today feel almost normal.

But I am meeting with the contractor to discuss a rather major shift to the house. Moving the front door to get the water in the house issue dealt with. It's gonna be a good solution but it's not gonna be cheap or totally easy. It will however, make for better feng shui and strangely it's the affordable option.

Seems like every paycheck has some house project making sure I don't get to hang on to any money. By coller weather time I hope to be done with all of this house stuff so I can just live here. Then there is the other place that is almost empty and ready for a little paint so it can get a new resident. Such a slow process.


Well, it's gonna be fine. Eventually.


Rain is brewing.

Monsoon season is upon us.

The skies are dark, the temperature has dropped. Not dumping rain yet but it could at any minute.

Or not really at all.

The day has been spent inside anyhow. Unpacking things and seeing where things will fit here if they getto
Stay. The house went from fairly uncluttered to WTF in just 2 days. I brought two truckloads of stuff over and now I have my work cut out for me. Ugh. And I just wanna grab some dinner and not do this. But I can't ignore it. I have friends coming to town tomorrow.


Nothing says get your shit together like having company.

Ok back to the tedious grind


If only...


Stuff to pack.
Stuff to move.
Stuff to get rid of.
Stuff to do.
Stuff I keep putting off.


The walls are closing in.
The bestie is going to be in charge of kicking my ass into gear to finish up some stuff. I am finally allowing someone to help me.

That's a whole other bunch of stuff. The emotional stuff.

Letting go of stuff in all forms.

If only there was less stuff to deal with.


Tennessee Whirlwind .


That was fast.

Back from TN and The Blackberry Jam Festival. Lots of work to get it all done, but we threw a party! Our headliner this year is one of those artists who should be a household name, but isn't.

Jason Eskridge totally killed it! He opened with Prince's 1999. And this was not your ordinary cover of Prince. I gotta scour the internet and see if it's posted anywhere. We will get access to the whole show that was live-streamed eventually.

I am a bit sore and a bit tired, and a whole bunch filled up with goodness. The time with my friends was beyond expectation. I saw ALL of my good friends in TN in one visit.

We brazenly trekked off to Muscle Shoals yesterday morning to go visit the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Recording Studio. All I can say is Holy Shit! The music that was recorded in that building was some of the best.

I'll get pics up later. I am gonna be in transit back to Tiny Town in about 10 minutes. I will be hard at work getting back to the coffee gig, and trying to line up someone to build an awning at the house to prevent water from coming in the house during monsoon.

Hot weather.
Hot coffee.
But I got a good a/c in my car for the ride.

Grateful for everything in my world. Looking for all the goodness out there on this day. So lucky to have gotten to do this long weekend in TN.


Tropical storm.

We got rain. That tropical storm is dumping for the next 24 hourson the Nashville area. It's pouring on and off.

But it should clear for Saturday. Scaffolding still goes up in the rain..

Blackberry Jam time is happening.



I hate hot weather.

It used to be I could say I was more accustomed to the mid 70's to low 80's as this was the temperature of my youth in California. Nowadays high temps are the norm in Southern California, and even here in Bisbee, it's getting to be seriously hot with this heat wave that is happening. Not cancel your flight hot like in Phoenix. And I sure hope I am not screwed on my flight on Wednesday. But it's hot enough to leave the swamp cooler on all night, in hopes of keeping the house comfy.

The possibilities of unreasonably high temperatures in AZ are frightening. Is it really going to hit 120 in Phoenix? I always feel like being in Nashville in late June is pretty tough with temps in the high 90's and deadly humidity. So I guess I'll have some gratitude for getting away from AZ for a brief moment to go do my Blackberry Jam gig. And am I most likely driving to The Baked Pueblo as it's 115 degrees? Quite possibly.





By all accounts we nearly hit 100 today. It's nice and comfy in the house thankfully. The is little going on besides some Tylenol and some stretches for my back. Once again my body reacted rather unfavorably to something I had been putting off dealing with.


When will I learn?

I haven't had a back issue this bad for a couple of years.  The timing is tough.

The good news is that I am not laid flat out. And nothing important has suffered. Just me with a little bit of suffering.

The hot weather outside makes it easy to not do anything out there till the sun goes down. I haven't killed the grapevines that I planted yet and they are the only outside chore that definitely need tending to. Apparently deep watering them is required. I will never have a green thumb. And I hold out hope that they will survive.


At a glance...

So if you quickly glance at this...

You might chuckle and think to yourself," Einstein's nipples? WTF?"

I did that.

Or, you might be getting ready to do dishes and see this..

Holy Fuck! I am not dealing with a spider that big!! No way!

But it's just rice noodles from the leftover Pho.


At a glance, things are different that what they really are. I tend to get little startles like this often. Closer examination sets me straight.

The weekend was a bit of a bust with me getting disenchanted with projects.

The posts are in at least.

And these will get put in the ground this week.

I just gave up and came inside and gave my brain a break from everything including the outside world. I hunkered down and watched back to back episodes of Breaking Bad instead. Feet up, swamp cooled comfort.

And at a glance, I guess that's what my weekend looked like.


The ol' turn and burn.

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind.

Leaving for The Baked Pueblo early am and then getting home around 6:30 pm. Nothing but the essentials on this run. The Mother Unit being the #1 priority as always. But there was a 2-hour stall to get some suspension work done on the Scion and just enough time to get to Costco and then get stuff refrigerated before picking up The Mother Unit and going to the dentist to address her denture dilemma. Hopefully, that works a whole bunch better for her. She couldn't even eat a green bean with the new choppers! That sucks!

Summer is looming. I gotta get more shit done before it's really uncomfortable to be in non-cooled or outdoor spaces.  Trying to get my bestie to do a hang to cheer her up in the next few days... she started a new job and they were totally shitty to her so she quit. Her spirits are low. I know I can't fix it, but laughter is always good medicine.

Looking forward to the weekend. I gotta get some supplies in Searing Blister (Sierra Vista) on Saturday after I get new tires on the Scion that morning. My tires got wonky because of the suspension issue and because I drive about 300 miles a week getting to Tucson to help the Mother Unit and do errands plus my own driving stuff in Cochise County.   I am looking forward to getting 2 grape vines planted, trees trimmed, stuff boxed up, a start on the landscapy fence idea where I park my car and then getting the turntable fired up so I can play some vinyl. I should also address the overflow from the swampy cooler. I hate wasting water.  All kinds of dumb stuff on the docket.